How Many Months Is There In 48 Weeks?


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Fred Jones answered
If 52 weeks is a year then my guess is that there is 11 months in 48 weeks. There are many variables that need to be considered of course but closest guess is 11.
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What months are you thinking about selecting for this contest?  Should it be months that are continuous, say starting at the shortest month, which is February and not the Leap Year.....Starting at a
February ,  (48 times 7 days= 336 individual days) gets you to January 2 of the following year.  This method totally encompasses 11 whole months with two individual days left over, you can also start in a Leap Year February and still totally encompass 11 whole months!

Wonderful waste of time on my part, which at this point Tom Sawyer would consider you for an achievement award, Do you paint?  But you will have to perform something so attempt the second condition, you set forward! Hint; A sneaker company of years ago....
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To be precise 52.14 weeks if its non leap year and 52.,28 if it is a Leap year ! Normally we take 4 weeks in a month for our convenience, which makes 28 days, thus ignoring the extra days
of that month.These extra ignored days if put together together they will come out to be 29 days for non - leap year and 30 days for a leap year ! Thus actually we are having 48 Weeks +29/7 = 48 + 4.14 =52.14 for Non leap year and 48 + 4.28 = 52.29 for a leap year !!!
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Kristy Inman answered
There are 12 months in 48 weeks. I think!! 4 weeks in a month. 4 weeks times 12 months is 48 weeks.

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