What Are The Most Significant Similarities Between The Chinese American And Japanese American[cultural]experiences?


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There are a number of similarities between the Chinese American people and the Japanese American people. Some of these are:

• Attitude to work and study

The attitude towards schooling in most Asian cultures is that the work needs to be done, and that the work should be of the highest standard possible. This is true of both Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans, and it is ingrained into the people from very early on in their development. Once the young adults have left school it is also vital that they either gain employment, or secure a place in a university or college. This outlook on life is placed into the culture from a young age and a sense of pride is prevalent.

• Weakening of native cultures

Because many Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans have been in the country for a number of generations, some of the native cultures that were brought with them are naturally weakening. This is inevitable as the new generations become more familiar with American cultures.

• Race issues not as enhanced as with African Americans

The white American population is not as threatened by Asian Americans as they are by African Americans, and as such the Japanese Americans and the Chinese Americans are more widely accepted by white Americans.

• Religion

People are becoming more open to different religions and this has helped the integration of the Japanese Americans and the Chinese Americans, as many white Americans now practice the religions of the two, whether it is Buddhism, Shintoism, or Shenism-Taoism.

Despite there being many similarities between the two cultures, the Japanese Americans have found it more difficult to be accepted since their arrival, because of World War II, whilst Chinese Americans have developed their own communities more easily.
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There is one common thing between the Chinese American and the Japanese American culture. Both of them are adjusting to the American environment and they are also trying to stick to their roots. The older population speaks their own language, eats their traditional food and have traditional set up for their homes. Whereas the new young generation is Americanized. They study in American schools, speak English with American accent, marry with natives and have adopted American culture.
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As we know, they are both from Asia. Japanese and Chinese American both have very strong racial emotions. They respect their ancestors very much, because they think their forturns all benefit from ancestors. For example, in Europe or America,the people there put their own names before their family names, because they think they themselves are the most important. However , Chinese and Japanese are different. They put their family names first so that they could express their respect to their ancestors.
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Although China outweighs Japan in population size, they seem to keep up with them in the business world and trading markets. These two cultures are very competitive, although many Chinese seem to be very lucrative with Chinatown showcases they still experience other negative social and economical disadvantages, but with all of the glitter it is very hard to tell.

Japan has some many similarities that keep them active in the business world, especially in the technology field. They have the leading products that are very consumable and sell very well; many of these products have produce revenue within the United States as well. Japanese also share a economical down falls with their high unemployment rates.

China and Japan share some similar economic forums, but also have difference as far as their religion is concerned Chinese do not share open privileges as practiced by Japanese.

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