Which Ivy League University Has Its Home In New Haven, Connecticut?


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The answer is Yale University! This University was founded in 1701, and at that time was known as the Colony of Connecticut. It’s the third oldest University found in the United States, and is heavily involved with the elite circle of University known as the ‘Ivy League’. Other universities in this league include Princeton, Cornell and Harvard. Currently ranked third on the US News and World Report college rankings, it’s one of the best research universities in the country and can offer students an incredible chance of obtaining a high-powered career in the future.

Yale was initially founded as the Collegiate School at New Haven, and numerous clergymen within the colony wanted to establish a college that could train political leaders and clergy for service to the colony. The founders were actually alumni from one of the other most prestigious schools in the country, Harvard, which was founded some 60 years earlier.

The Collegiate School changed its name officially to ‘Yale University’ in 1701, and was done in order to honor Elihu Yale, who was the governor of the East India Company, which derived from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Elihu Yale donated a crate of goods in order to help the struggling collegiate school to continue to operate.

Over its hundreds of years, Yale has gained a reputation for knowing its traditions and staying true to them, no matter what. The Yale Daily News is actually the oldest collegiate daily newspaper that still exists today, having been printed five days a week ever since January 1878. They also have the oldest a cappella group, as well as the best known group. They are known as the Wiffenpoos, and have been singing on Monday nights ever since 1909.
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Yale University
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The name of the Ivy League University who has its home in New Haven Connecticut is Yale University.

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