What Are The Properties Of A Trapezium?


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The main property of a trapezium is the fact that it does not have any parallel sides. However, there is a problem that needs to be considered when defining the properties of a trapezium because there are two different meanings that reside in Britain and the United States of America.

  • Properties of trapezium and trapezoid
It is important to keep in mind that people have various definitions of trapezium properties. A shape known as a trapezoid is a variation of a trapezium and it is defined as a quadrilateral that has one pair of sides that are parallel to one another. However, in British and American terms the properties are different. For example, in British terms a trapezium is defined as a quadrilateral shape with two parallel sides; however America deems a trapezium as a quadrilateral shape without any parallel sides. Moreover, a trapezoid in America is defined as a quadrilateral with a pair of sides that are parallel to one another while, in British terms a trapezoid has no parallel sides.

  • What is a trapezoid?
As mentioned above in America a trapezoid has four sides with two that are parallel. They are both known as the bases while the other two sides are referred to as the legs. In addition, for people to make calculations regarding a trapezoid, an imaginary line known as the median is pictured running in between the parallel bases.

  • Calculations
The properties of a trapezoid allow two common calculations. These include finding the perimeter of the shape which consists of adding the length of the legs and bases together. In order to calculate the area of the quadrilateral you need to multiply the median and the height of the shape together.
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1. 4 sides
2. 1 pair of parallel lines
3. Depending on how the shape is drawn can have right angles, but regular trapeziums have no right angles.
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Interiors sum to 360 deg
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Opposite sides are parallel
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A couple of good answers, but some bad, depending on your country of origin.  My answers are for an American student.
- A trapezium is a convex quadrilateral with no parallel sides
- A trapezoid is a convex quadrilateral with exactly one pair of parallel, opposite sides.

These definitions are reverse outside of US.

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