How Do You Write A Mixed Number In Simplest Form?


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The easiest way to convert a mixed number into the simplest form is to convert it into a fraction, simplify the fraction and then change it into its simplest form. If, for example, you had to convert five and three twelfths into the simplest form, it would be 5 ¼ because three twelfths can be simplified into a quarter.
A mixed number is a number that is written as a whole number or a fraction. Mixed numbers have two parts: A part that tells you the wholes and a fractional part that is less than one whole. A mixed number can be written as a fraction if you count all the parts. An example of a mixed number would be 1 1/3 which means it is one whole and one third. If this were to be converted into a fraction and simplified it would be 4/3 because the whole already have three thirds and when added to one third, it makes four thirds which is represented by four over three.
The simplest form of a number involves simplifying it and basically putting it into the easiest form to deal with and reducing it into the lowest form. The easiest way to understand this is to imagine any fraction as a diagram. For example the fraction 3/12 could be imaged as a circle divided into 12 with three parts coloured in. A quarter of the circle would be coloured in. An easier way to represent this would be as ¼ which is one quarter is easier to understand as it is a simpler form. You work this out by asking yourself, ‘How many threes are in 12?’ The answer is four so this is one over four.
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Reduce 5/20 to lowest form
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15 2/6 - 4 7/9
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3 2/3 + 5 2/3

Add the whole numbers, then add the fractions
3+5 + 2/3 + 2/3

8 + 4/3

4/3 = 1 1/3

8 + 1 + 1/3

9 + 1/3

9 1/3

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Reduce it by dividing like 60 and 318 just flip it and do 318 divided by 60 it will sound weird dividing a big number into a small but it will work I promise >.< :)
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I am assuming that you meant 4 and 15/25 (25/15 doesn't make sense)

Step 1: Simplify the fraction part. Notice that both the numerator and denominator have can be completely divided by 5. The resulting fraction would be 3/5.

=> 4 15/25 = 4 3/5

Step 2: Change the mixed number to improper fraction.

I. Multiply the denominator with the whole number : 4 x 5 = 20

ii. Add the numerator to the result from part I : 20 + 3 = 23

iii. The improper fraction would be 23/5.

Since the numerator and denominator cannot be completely divided by a common number, therefore it is in its simplest form.
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A mixed number is the one which can be written in the given form:

a b/c

In order to change the mixed number in the simplest form, first the denominator is multiplied with a. Then the product is added in the numerator. The example given below will further clarify this:

3 2/4

= (4*3 + 2)

= (12 + 2)/4 = 14/4 = 7/2
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Okay like you take 20/5 for example in order to get the simplest for of that you would divide 20 by 5 which would get you 4 that is the simplest form of that fraction, in improper fractions thats all you do divide the numerator by the denominator, now with mixed numbers like 2 and 2/4 you would first simplify 2/4 which would be 1/2 then your simplified mixed number would be 2 and 1/2   hope I helped!!
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Find the value of  1 3 ​   +  4 5 ​   . Give your answer as a mixed number in its simplest form.
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Reduce the fraction in the usual way.

1 4/6 = 1 + (2*2)/(3*2) = 1 + (2/3)*(2/2) = 1 + (2/3)*1 = 1 2/3
-4 29/24 = -4 - (29/24) = -4 - (1 5/24) = -5 5/24
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It will be like multiply the denominator to integer and then add numerator to it. And denominator will remain same
For example
2 5/7 is a mixed fraction then its simplest form will be like
7*2+5 = 19
19/7 is the simplest form
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I do I write 7hours and 15minutes over 24 a fraction form? How would I write it as a decimal?
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This car odometer shows tenths of a mile. Write the distance as a mixed number in simplest form
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Two and five fifteenths is equal to 2 whole number and 5/15.

5/15 can be simplified to 1/3 (by dividing both the numerator and denomenator by 5)

The mixed number in its simplest form would be 2 and one third. 2 1/3
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Here is a problem you can help me with.

Thomas used two-thirds of a cup of sugar and one-fourth of a cup of four in a recipe. How many cups of these ingredients altogether did he use?

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