How Many Words Can You Make Out Of Kingstown?


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It is believed that 95 words in total can be extracted from the word ‘Kingstown’, including: Knowing, known’s, king, knits, knots, known, knows, king, kits, knit, knot, know, snowing, stoking, stoning, stowing, sowing, , sting, stink, swing, sign, sing, sink, skin, skit, toning, towing, tings, tongs, towns, twigs, twins, ting, tins, togs tong, tons, town, tows, twig, wigs, wing, wink and wonk.

This type of activity requires you to find as many words as possibly from a longer word. Another associated activity that is closely related to this exercise is an anagram. An anagram is the rearrangement of letters or words or even a sentence to create a new word of sentence. In order to so this all of the letters must be incorporated. The best anagrams usually hold some sort of meaning and can even be related to the original word in some way, for example:

Gin and Vermouth = Hung over, damn it!

Similar plays on words are palindromes and acronyms. A palindrome is a word or phrase that is spelt the same forward and backward, such as HANNAH. Acronyms, on the other hand, are actual word that are formed by the initials of a place, organisation etc. However, with the emergence of the internet and text language, the concept of the acronym has altered somewhat.  For instance it is now related to three worded sentence that have been abbreviated by the only using the first letter of each word, for instance ‘At the moment’ = ATM. So, the concept of play on words is not only used for an exercise or a word game but, over time, it has been altered so that specific play on words now has an actual function in our diction.
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King, town, owns, sing sown, inks, stow, .  Are a few .

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