What Is A Sentence For Audacious?


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Audacious means daring, bold or impudent - there is usually a sense of its being a bit cheeky.

A possible sentence could be: When he was introduced to the princess, he kissed her - this audacious behaviour surprised the nation.
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Modifies a noun

* bid: Two audacious bids were made for your wallet last week.

* debut: It's that rare thing, a second feature that actually improves on the audacious debut that preceded it.

* attempt: The film is an audacious attempt to portray an ordinary man dealing with extraordinary emotions.

* chip: He left his marker for dead before trying an audacious chip on the run with his left peg.

* move: Inspired by the results from the practice green, Hans was to astound everyone with his next audacious move.

* attack: May we never forget what happened when the Japanese launched an audacious sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

Modifying Another Word

* so: Kate will be having words with the Poll Gremlins before we try something so audacious again.

* typically: In a typically audacious action, Rampage struck at a Gold convoy passing Planet New London.

* too: Perhaps the very idea was too audacious to succeed?

* technically: The feature-length ' Tale of the Fox ' , Starewicz ' best-known work, is a technically audacious, gleefully wicked medieval animal fable.

* even: Rather, our prayers can be confident, daring, even audacious.

* truly: I have never been stung myself but some of the sh*t they try and pull on you is truly audacious.

Used with adjective complement

* seem: I particularly loved the fact that she appropriated the voices of men when she felt like it - that seemed wonderfully audacious somehow.

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