Write About Challenging Situation That You Encountered In Your Life And How You Dealt With It?


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Years ago I was faced with the challenge of paying off credit card debt on maxed out credit cards. My plan: I did not want to have debt forever. My plan to resolve: I did not want to go bankrupt or seek credit counseling. Issues: I was faced with bill collectors constantly calling, I was paying the minimum payment, which didn't even cover the intermounting interest. While I thought of seeking debt consolidation assistance, I ended up establishing a strict but realistic budget, took a loan from my own 401k, cut up all my credit cards and put them in a nice stemmed wineglass on my mantel and paid off the debt. It took 3 years to pay off the 401k loan, but I can stay that I have been debt free for 2 years now. Additionally, I only own 1 MasterCard, 1 visa and no department store or gas cards. My new philosophy, I use my ATM for everything! If I don't have the money in my checking account, I have no business buying it.
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If you have had a language learning problem you can write about that, how you were not comfortable in the beginning because of not knowing or not being able to adjust in a different cultural setup, living in a hostel and doing chores for yourself, you can write about your first internship that was important to pay for tuition fee that you had to work days and nights in a restaurant. OR you can say how you wanted to intern with a social NGO working for the disabled and it was such a challenge yet a brilliant experience because of which you have now the passion and traits to boldly face situations that can be emotionally devastating. You can say you have collected charity for street children and how going house to house for donations and advocating this issue was a challenge.

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