How Can Types Of Music Affect Students' Attitudes And Behavior?


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Music affects students in a number of ways.

It can be motivational, inspirational, and provide entertainment - but it can also be detrimental to concentration, and distracting too.

The effects of music on students
While I was studying, I'd often listen to music to keep myself upbeat and positive. The motivational effects of a pumping tune are well known - which is why so many people go jogging with their earphones plugged in.

However, music can also distract students from important studies and exams. Young adults who go out to nightclubs, gigs, and live music events often find themselves drinking, dancing and enjoying themselves until the early hours.

Needless to say, trying to sit an exam or complete coursework after indulging in such hedonistic revelry is pretty difficult.

Music also influences people's life choices, their behavior, and their attitudes. People who frequently listen to depressing, angst-ridden, or rebellious music will often adopt these traits in their own characters.
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It can calm you down or rev you up. Depends on the kind.

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