Consider The Choices Of Native Americans Who Decide To Stay On Their Tribe's Native Land (reservation) And Those Who Choose To Relocate To A City. If You Were Presented With This Decision, Which Would You Choose And Why?


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That's a really tough question. I think I would end up choosing the city, because if everyone stayed on a reservation it would be a bit like a prison - I mean your culture would be forced into a cul-de-sac. While if you went out into the wider world, aspects of your culture might spread into it, and survive in new forms. But of course if everyone did that , there would be no native culture left to spread... What would you do?
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Whispering Wind King
I am an American Indian crow tribe and in the 1800 when my G,G,G grandmother left the tribe to guild the white people across the Calif. Trails the crow nation decided not to recognize the ones who left as crow Indians... We had to fight to be recognized as the Calif. Crow nation / tribe soooo that's a sticky thing to do......

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