What Does The Suffix -ing Mean?


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The suffix 'ing' is used with a verb in a continuous tense. So you can say that it means something happening. For example, playing. 'Ing' here is showing that the play is going on.
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"ing" means present continue,right now,but it can means a noun and a adjective too ex: " It looks very interesting with his playing." so in this sentence you have 2 uses of ing, as there are an adjective and a noun.

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ING mean when some thing in working....for Example like we are usING internet.
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I really don't care but if I did my answer would be it means that your like Well I don't know really kinda like how I'm looking at the thing check spelling so if I did that has spell- ing so its basically doing something.  Just like I said looking I look- ing at you rite now lol
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"family or followers of..."  The name Birmingham comes from "family or followers of *Beorma." Many other examples in "A Dictionary of English Place Names"  Oxford University Press.
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"ing" is present continuous tense. However from your question, I understand that you don't wanted to know its use or its place in English. You wanted to know its meaning...
Plz clarify your question. Thanks

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