How Many Complete Novels Did Jane Austen Write?


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The usual answer is six: "Pride and Prejudice," "Sense and Sensibility," "Northanger Abbey," "Mansfield Park," "Emma" and "Persuasion." These are the novels for which Austen is known, and all were published in her lifetime or soon after her death.
But in fact, as well as a number of stories and unfinished novels – some of which were only written to entertain her family – Austen did complete one other book: "Lady Susan."
"Lady Susan" is very unlike the other Austen novels. It is written entirely in letters, and concerns the conflict between a heartless, manipulative. woman and her daughter, whom she despises and bullies.
Though not as polished as her other novels, it is clearly complete. Compared to the others it might seem melodramatic – Lady Susan's villainy, though entertaining, makes her a rather black-and-white character, and her daughter's unrelenting virtue can make her almost as tedious to the reader as she is to her mother! However, "Lady Susan" is actually based on fact; the Austens knew of a society woman who treated her daughters with far more cruelty than Lady Susan treats Frederica. And Austen gives her anti-heroine an individual and highly amusing voice.
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Novels. She wrote 6 complete novels.
In order of first publication:

Sense and Sensibility (1811)
Pride and Prejudice (1813)
Mansfield Park (1814)
Emma (1815)
Persuasion (1817) (posthumous)
Northanger Abbey (1817) (posthumous)

Unfinished works. 3 books remained incomplete at her death.
Lady Susan
The Watsons

Selected juvenilia....
Love and Freindship
Catharine, or the Bower
The Beautifull Cassandra
The History of England

Thats a total of 13 books (including incomplete ones")

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Austen wrote six novels, their names are; sense and sensibility, pride and
prejudice, Mansfield Park, Emma, Northanger Abbey and persuasion. Her unfinished
works include Lady Susan, the Watsons, and the Sanditon. She also wrote some
poems, letters, and plan of a novel, Sir Charles Grandison and three volumes of
Juvenilia which refers to her works
that she wrote during her early years as a writer.  

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