What To Write About Me In Orkut?


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Dυит wαlk αร if yσυ яυlє тнє wσяld , wαlk αร if yσυ dυит cαяє wнσ яυlєz тнє wσяld .... тнαтร мα αттIтυdє

|||*** αdjυรтмєит z d σиly тнIиg Iи d wσяld wid wнicн I cαит αdjυรт ***|||My Parents call me EMON

And I am registered in my death certificate as..oh sorry,
in my birth certificate as

And I don’t know what people think of me..So what I can say is only “I DON’T CARE”, would you mind it? ..Again, I Don’t Care!

“I am a harmless Creature, until all my harmones work properly”.

I hate people who act over smart..

I take lot of time to adjust with anybody..might be a drawback of me.
I don’t underestimate anyone.
Misunderstanding has played appreciably great strocks in my life and I am crazier than that, because I enjoy it..
And I can forgive the person who kills me, but not the one who misused me.Now I know, you are thinking, what the hell this person might be of use??
The answer is, I also don’t know.But still I hate people who misuse leave it.

I love to live with my friends and for friendship I don’t consider their any previous achievements. I love all those who feel comfortable with me and who make me feel comfortable with them…
And I never ever go behind any person who don’t like my attitude and don’t want to be my friend..
I believe in GOD..I am optimistic.I am Moody.
I always think positive–> Which have never helped me to achieve anything, but still it has become a habit.
I forgive people soon, as I feel this life as too short and have no time to keep on proving others as wrong and we the only perfect!

I love innovative things.
I love to be Honest.

And one thing I have observed about myself is,I don’t go behind famous people, as it would be an extra burden to them. **I don’t like to disturb an anybody**
I enjoy the company of people who are FREE.I too love to live freely!

I believe that people wont understand the importance of the other person until that person is found dead.
And I am not an important person,

can you guess Y ?


Because……………I am still alive.

I respect each and every person on this earth.

I had a broke up wid ma boy frnd  ohh I gt really hurted  and from that day I learn_____dat d guy didnt loved me but yaa he did a bad joke with me, Love, Love, Love,Love,
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Please send me something attractive and good to write in about me in orkut
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I am cool boy and jolly nature and helpful for every one
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I am a simple, cute, a little childish and a soft hearted girl. I like to make friends but due to my introvert nature I am ended with limited friends. But my friend says that I m a good friend. I love to dance and watch other dancing. I m passionate about watching love stories.

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