How Long Does It Take To Receive Financial Aid Refund Direct Deposit From University Of Phoenix?


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If you’re concerned about how long it is taking to receive your financial aid refund in a direct deposit from the University of Phoenix, don’t worry. This link from the institution’s website provides answers to the FAQs of students who are involved in their financial support program: As you will see by looking at the third question down, the usual processing time fluctuates with every individual case and you may have to wait up to two months after you have started the latest year of your course.

You should remember that you will need to fill all of the criteria in order to be considered for financial aid, and if that you will be delayed considerably if there are any inaccuracies in your application. Thankfully, the University of Phoenix does provide plenty of support for students who need assistance in filling out certain aspects of the paperwork to ensure that the direct deposit can be made as soon as possible.

Normally, students are given a release date when they should expect the disbursement to happen, and you may have to wait up to a week before the funds are deposited into your bank account. Don’t worry if you have concerns about the payment being delayed, as admin staff from the University of Phoenix provide unlimited support to speed up the process of the finances being sent to you should there be an unwarranted delay. Saturdays and Sundays are included in this seven-day timeframe, and this resultantly means that you won’t be waiting seven working days as some other financial processes require.
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I usually get my financial aid on a Monday, and then receive it in my bank account that Friday. Depending on the time of year, it should not take any longer than that. Around Fall semester, it seems to take longer.

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