What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Play Therapy?


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The obvious advantage is that it allows troubled children to get the therapy they need through play, whilst it may be problematic if the teacher or the therapist is unable to do it properly. Play therapy can only be beneficial if the therapist is able to execute the therapy in a sensible and effective manner. Hence, for it to be effective the therapist needs to start by getting a thorough history of the child. The therapist will need to talk to a child's parents to find out why they have been enlisted for the help of therapy. The therapist needs to find out about emotional and behavioral difficulties. They will also need to speak to the child directly to see why they think that they need the therapy sessions.

This can provide for the basis of an advantageous play therapy sessions. It allows for background information to be obtained, too, which is completely necessary if the therapy is going to work. Grieving losses in a family and low self-esteem are often reasons why children are in therapy, too, so it's important for the therapist to have a good grasp of these two particular problems that children suffer with.

The therapy will also only be advantageous if the therapist is able to pay attention to the personality of the child, and get them to respond in accordance to their personality. By getting to know the child the therapist will be able to effectively implement therapy types and techniques for the benefit of the child. This is the basis of advantageous support and therapy and the biggest reason why play therapy fails is because the therapists do not take enough things into account when dealing with children who have problems - no matter what those problems actually are.
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Play therapy is fruitful for the relaxation of the body and mind. It increases the working capacity of the mind and make it to digest more complex things. Especially mathematicians love this therapy as I read it in website which helped me a lot for complex topics.

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