When Did The Spanish Armada Attack England?


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The Spanish Armada was sent by Philip II of Spain to invade England in 1588.

Why did the Spanish Armada attack England?

The aim was to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I; to prevent British activity in the Netherlands (then under Spanish rule), and to restore the Catholic religion to a country which was now officially Protestant.

The Armada

The 130-ship Armada (known in Spain as the "invincible fleet") sailed from Lisbon, and fought its way across the channel against the English fleet (which was similar in numbers but had much smaller ships) until it arrived at Calais. The English navy - commanded by Sir Francis Drake - then defeated the invasion force, aided by treacherous weather conditions.

The Spanish retreated via North Scotland and West Ireland, battered by storms and shipwrecked along the way. By the time the Armada returned to Spain, only half of the fleet remained.

The defeat of the Armada has become part of British national legend, especially Elizabeth's rousing speech to the troops at Tilbury before the action. However, this was not the end of the war with Spain, which continued until Elizabeth's death in 1603.

Casualties and losses

Kingdom of England
  • 50-100 battle dead
  • 400 wounded
  • 6,000-8,000 died from disease

Habsburg Spain
  • Over 600 battle dead
  • 800 wounded
  • 397 captured
  • 5 ships sunk or captured in battle
  • 51 ships storm wrecked
  • 10 ships scuttled
  • 20,000 dead from disease
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they attacked england because when Mary died they were still protestant in the country so phillip her ex husband went to invade england from spain that is were he lives so he went to forfill marys dream and make england all Catholic
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They attacked england on the 12 july 1588
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They seem to have traveled over there in 1588 that was the cool times everyone was sailing around just getting stuff and then boom water poured from the sky and everyone was freaking out people stared killing each other they didnt care what happened to anyone else and thats how chicken nuggets was made
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Because Queen Mary I "Bloody Mary" refused to marry King Phillip II of Spain
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Actually Mary I was Phillip's wife but Elizabeth I declined the offer she got after her sister Mary died.
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The Spanish armada attacked England because Philip (the Spanish king in those days) was annoyed by the Elizabeth (English Queen) she had said no to Philips offer of marriage, she had sent groups of people to invade their ships, and other things with there captain Sir Drake, and she said she new nothing about it. Philip was really annoyed, but he couldn't battle, because if he did the French would battle the Spanish as well. Philip could battle England or France, but not both together. But when Elizabeth had executed Mary Queen of Scots the French were angry (Mary was the French kings, sons wife to be) so the French wouldn't battle against him if he battled England! So that's when the armada started. Philip took his chance to battle England out of revenge, frustration, and many other emotions. Also because of him being a Catholic and her being and protestant that they went to war....

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