How Do I Find The Dimensions Of A Rectangular Prism That Is Supposed To Hold 4000L Of Water?


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First we need to calculate the volume required to hold 4000 liters of water. 1 cubic foot will hold 28.317 liters of water, so we will need a tank that is 4000/28.317 cubic feet or a tank of approximately 142 cubic feet. Since we are designing the tank lets make it easy to construct by keeping the sides even measurements. A tank 6' X 6' X 4' has a volume of 144 cu. Ft. And would hold 4078 liters of H2O. You can shave a little of each measurement to get to exactly 4000 but that would leave no room for expansion.
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The volume of a rectangular prism can be calculated with the help of followinf formula

volume=lengthx widthxheight

4000 L = lengthx widthxheight

Now , you need to have atleast 2 more dimensions to calculate the third one, otherwise, you can't do it, unless you go yourself and measure the dimensions of the prism by an inch-tape.

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