What Are The Various Characteristics Of A Project?what Is The Important Of Each Characteristic?


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A project is commonly defined as a shared endeavor and activity in the fields of science, mathematics, art and business. It is undertaken through a well planned and researched activity in order to realize and accomplish a certain result or aim. It is also characterized by a major or large activity or enterprise which usually involves a considerable amount of money, equipment and personnel. Among the most notable projects in world are: Project Apollo which transports human to the moon, Human Genome Project concerning the mapping of human genome and the Manhattan Project which developed the first atomic bomb.

Any project no matter how simple or ambitious it is starts from the basic important characteristic of the perceived project. The project plan of any endeavor should have the five essential characteristics to ensure the smooth flowing of the project from its conception to its implementation. The important characteristic can be described as follows:

● Range of the project. The range or scope will give the participants the coverage and the terms of the project.
● The resources. This is important in assessing the needs of the project to meet the scope and the range. These involve financial, manpower and technical knowhow and equipment among other others.
● The risk. The risk factor for every project should be immediately addressed in the initial stages. The SWOT or the Strength-Weakness-Opportunity-Threat Analysis is one helpful tool to address the project. Additionally, the team should have a plan of course of action in case there is a need to reconstruct or reconsider the whole project.
● Time frame. All projects should have a specific time frame to meet the demands and deadline per project phase. This will ensure that the project will meet the scheduled deadline as well as the funding to undertake the project.
● The quality. When one speaks of quality of the project, those working in the project should know the necessary standard in the field of the project. This is needed to achieve first-rate results.

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