Does A 5 Hour Drivers Education Class Expire After A Year. My Daughter Took Her 5 Hour Course Last September Now She Wants To Go For Her Drivers Road Test. And Claims That She Needs To Take The 5 Hour Course Over Again In Order To Go For Road Test?


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I took my 5 hour Drivers education class last year on march 13th and now I want to go for my road test, do I have to take my 5 hour class over again?
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No she is ok to take the test as long as she has proof of the 5 hour class
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Thats what i thought cause common sence if i really have any left you can have a permit valid one that is till its time to renew it right? Time wise don't know if permit likehas to be 10 years a drivers licence every ten years correct do you know the permit guidlines on renewals? Thanks RrKaiser8 for you help Elaine

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