How Does Fashion Influence People?


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Fashion influences people in both good and bad ways for example fashion makes people feel good about them it also makes them feel as if they are with the trend. Fashion can also make bigger people feel good about themselves and the clothes they wear it makes them feel good about their size and shape ! But fashion also makes people want to become thinner and be able to fit intoo the clothes that celebrities would like the basic 'size zero clothes '   and most people end up becoming ill as they are trying to make themselves look good and be like these famous celebrities and models.
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It affects people in many different ways

  • you can get picked on or teased about your clothes.

  • Some times your clothes affect how you feel


  • how you act.
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In the trend is sooo lame people are made fun of if the don't wear the latest clothes or can't afford the dear stuff but why ? I mena we are all born different why do we all have to look the same why should somebody be picked on if they don't have the right clothes does it really matter soon fashion and trends will dictate or lives is that what people want :|?
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As long as we live in a society, fashion will matter to people. We are conditioned from childhood to ‘Dress to Impress’ Fashion has an impact on our personality first and subsequently our lives. Yes, fashion influences on all individual lifestyles. From the way, we dress to the way we eat our meals. Despite it people learn and do the course of fashion designing from college, institute. The gurukul school of design Jaipur is one of the best fashion designing college in india.

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Yes - whatever the fashion is the 'cool' people wear it, influencing thier friends and so on.
I am not cool and have noticed this. Hoped that helped.

P.S - can you try and answer 2 of my problems - 'I keep needing 2 wee (PAINFUL)...' in womens health and 'how can I stay pretty in school?' in beauty.

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