What Is The Importance Of Peer Review Of Scholarly Journals To A Scholar Practitioner?


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The importance of peer review when it comes to scholarly journals cannot be understated. It is important to have peer review as journals should be concise and should be written in a different way to other articles such as magazine and newspaper articles.

Scholarly journals should contain a basic outline and cover the concerned subjects in detail whilst also providing evidence of the subjects discussed, whether facts are argued for or against. Any journal should show a large amount of research in a methodical, logical way. The research that will be undertaken should be listed at the beginning of the journal, together with the subject matter and what the journal hopes to prove or disprove.

Scholarly journals should cite the sources of information using a bibliography. A bibliography is a list of sources of research. These sources can take the form of books, other journals, websites, magazines and other forms of media. The bibliography should be laid out in a particular way according to a system; the Harvard system of referencing is the most commonly followed. 

Journal articles should always contain more research than other essays and can include graphs and charts to put points across, and to show that research has been made in particular areas.

The three questions to ask oneself when writing a journal are what the purpose of the research is, will the research put across fresh ideas or affirm existing ones, and what sources of reference would best put the points across. 

A scholarly journal should be reviewed by somebody who is an expert in the relevant field. This validates whether or not the journal article is of a suitable enough standard to be published.
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Peer Review is very essential for the scholar practitioner because for the scholars criticism is the basis and peer review helps them to avoid certain criticism on their own views and thoughts.
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What is the importance of peer review of scholarly journals to a scholar practitioner

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