What Are The Characteristics Of A Good Sentence?


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If you are thinking about the characteristics of a good sentence you need to understand there are many different components that work together to make a sentence. This will include verbs, nouns, adjectives and verbs. Whether a 'good' sentence exists however, is questionable as a particular sentence may work in one situation but not in another.

There is also no point in putting in additional detail such as adverbs for the sake of it if they are not going to enhance the sentence. A good sentence should convey a message while being grammatically correct and accurate.

So what are the components of a sentence?

  • Nouns
Most words will fall under this category. Nouns are things, places and people.

  • Verbs
Verbs are the words that give the sentence more direction. They are what gives the 'subject' of the sentence an activity to carry out.

  • Subject:
The subject of the sentence may vary. It can be a person, a dog, a bus or even a place. The subject is usually the person or 'thing' that is doing something in the sentence whether it be an action or a description.

  • Adjective
This is a word that is used to describe the subject or noun. For example when saying, "the shiny car," the word 'shiny' is the adjective.

  • Adverb
This is a word used to describe the verb. For example: "she sang loudly." In this example, 'loudly' is the adverb, 'sang' is the verb and 'she' is the subject.

  • Conjunction
These are words such as 'and' that join all the above mentioned grammatical components together.
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Correctness,clearness and effectiveness
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It should have a subject
it should have a predicate

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