1 Pint Equals How Many Grams?


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When measuring in grams this usually applies to dry ingredients. When measuring in pints it is usually with liquid ingredients. So assuming you are measuring water ingredients, 1 pint equals 473.18 grams. This works out as 1ml = 1g but only when measuring water as the density of water means that the above measurement applies. However, if you are measuring in dry ingredients then the weights are very different as you would not be measuring dry ingredients in pints or milliliters.

One pint is obviously the equivalent to a pint glass which usually holds alcoholic drinks and sometimes soft drinks when served in bars or pubs. When measuring in mils it is only with liquids such as milk, cream, water etc.

Pints is a measurement from the imperial measurement list. This is the type that was used to measure capacity from 1824 all the way up to the late 20th century when most countries officially adopted the metric system for measuring length, area and volume. The measurements of grams is under the new metric system and is the usual measurement in the modern day. Whereas under the imperial system the equivalent was pounds (lbs) ounces (oz) and stones. 

The UK has been using the metric system since 1959 but the imperial system was still also being used to measure length, volume and weight.

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