What Courses Do I Need To Study To Become A CEO?


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Everybody who is in business would like to become the CEO or Chief Executive Officer. But the problem with this ambition is that every company can have only one CEO. He will have a team of very capable individuals who will support the decision making process.

CEO's have tremendous leadership capabilities. They are extremely driven individuals who have the organizations road map over the next few years very clearly etched in their heads. They have the ability to recruit the best people in the industry and also motivate them to work in a synergistic manner. There are some people who are born to lead others while there are some who are born to follow.

It is possible though that someone has learnt to become a CEO and lead successfully. CEOs will typically study subjects like strategic management in business schools. Another great capability of a good CEO is his ability to network.
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You should go for MBA in HR. There you will find how to become a CEO. But for CEO studies are not enough you should also have some inborn skills, experience and qualities in order to run the company.
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I want to become a CEO but I do not know what the school requirements are to qualify at a college or university
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I can't understand what do??? After I have to earn money not in small amt.and I think c.a will take more time 2 complete my study its also very difficult.plz help..

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