What Are The Different Types Of Catapults?


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There are five main types of catapult. Catapults were quite regularly used by the Romans and the Ancient Greeks before them. Their use evolved slightly and continued into the medieval times.
The five types are the Ballista, the Trebuchet, the Mangonel, the Springald and the Onager.
A Ballista is akin to a giant crossbow, and fires a large bolt via a tension spring method of generating momentum. The bolt was generally wooden and then clad in iron to form a dart or arrow. The tension was generated by a rope, hair and sinew combination to be strong enough to generate real force. The word 'Ballista' comes from the Greek 'Ballistes', meaning 'to throw'.
The Springald was a type of Ballista, but styled like a crossbow combined with a catapult; firing an arching spear or dart rather than a flat shot like a normal Ballista.
The Trebuchet is the most renowned type of catapult. It consists of a lever and sling style of firing projectiles, and used a counterweight to bring the long arm up to fire. Generally it threw stones at enemy forces, and it wasn't uncommon to see these stones coated in oil and set alight. In the Lord of the Rings you see the Orcs use their trebuchets in a less than savoury manner by firing soldiers' skulls into the city of Minas Tirith. The weapon is so powerful that a 200-pound stone could be slung up to 300 yards accurately, and further depending on the size of the machine.
A Mangonel is the more traditional image of a catapult in that it's a bowl-shaped bucket at the end of a giant arm that has a spring tension system that is then released. It was favured because of its easy construction and was fairly manoeuvrable. It could fire up to 1,300 feet high.
The Onager is a type of Mangonel, and originally opted for a sling rather than a bucket. It was generally a concise, more powerful style of Mangonel.
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The ones I know of are th
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go on and click images then type in the catapults names you will find out which one you have good luck  ;)
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The Greeks called it katapelte, the French called it catapulte and the South Americans called it catapulta. Kata means 'against' and pallein is the verb form for 'hurl' or 'throw.' They were generally used to aggressively surround a ground installation for the purpose of controlling it. Catapults were last used during World War I.

There were different types of catapults. The Ballista was the first catapult. Ballista literally means 'machine that hurls.' The weapon of choice was spears. The primary users of the Ballista were the Greeks. The Romans used the Onager. Onager means donkey, because its operations were like the sudden kicks of a donkeys hind legs. The Trebuchet was developed in Asia. It was the most popular and mechanized of the lot. Trebuchets were flexible in its choice of ammunition. Arrows, spears, animals, dead rotting corpses and beehives were hurled. Traction and Counterpoise were the two types of trebuchets.
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Types of Catapults
The different types of Catapults used in the Middle Ages included:

The Ballista - The Ballista was similar to a Giant Crossbow and worked by using tension

The Trebuchet - The massive Trebuchet consisted of a lever and a sling and was capable of hurling stones weighing 200 pounds with a range of up to about 300 yards

The Mangonel - Missiles were launched from a bowl-shaped bucket at the end of the one giant arm of the Mangonel

The Springald - A type of Ballista

The Onager - A type of Mangonel
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There are three main types of a catapult which are as follows:
All these three types of this machine have been used by mankind since ancient times. You can find more details on the link below:
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I think the answer was ok because when you tell the different types of catapults I think that you could tell some facts about each one you are talking about.
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A catapult is a type of lever... And there are three types of levers. Start there and find out more I don't know.
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As far as I know there is only one type of catapult, the lever type that uses a spring action to launch its projectile. There is something similar that's called a trebuchet (sp?) that's basically a giant sling that launches its projectile.

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