Where Can I Get A Sample Sba For Social Studies?


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An SBA is a school based assessment. You will be able to get this from many places if you wish to use the example to practice with before you sit the school based assessment for real. The best places to look for a social studies sample SBA are:

  • Your tutor.
Your tutor will do these every year and will want you to do well in yours. For this reason, they should have no problems with giving you old versions for you to practice with before you take your SBA. If you ask your tutor, they might give you photocopies and if you have any questions about these they will sit down with you and help you to understand the questions.
Tutors like students that want to do well in their SBAs and if you show enthusiasm the tutor will be more than happy to help you out with examples of the SBA and what you should do to revise.

  • Library.
Both your school library and your local library will have examples of different assessments for social studies. These may not be the same as your SBA but if you wish to have a look at these, there will be some information that will cross over from these papers to your SBA. Have a look at what you have been taught in social studies and see if there are any examination questions on the same topic.

  • Online.
If you Google 'SBAs for social studies', you will find some past papers. These will not be specific to your school so will not have all of the information that will be in your paper. Your school will have its own topics that it will ask questions on so you should always try to stick to topics that you have done in class when revising.
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