What Is The Plot Of, "Leiningen vs The Ants"?


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Leiningen vs The Ants is a fascinating novel written by Carl Stephenson that depicts a wealthy and determined plantation owner battling against an invading horde of killer ants.

What is Leiningen vs The Ants about?
The story is set in a plantation in Brazil, where a man called Leiningen has made an extremely profitable living by growing crops.

We don't know all that much about the plantation or Leiningen himself - but we are told that he is intelligent, hard-working, and that he employs 400 laborers to work his land.

What is the plot of 'Leiningen Versus the Ants'?
The plot is centered around an impending wave of killer ants that are supposedly able to chew a horse down to the bones within seconds.

As the ants make their way towards Leningen's plantation, he relieves all his workers of their duties and tells them they are free to go.

However, because of their respect for him, all the laborers commit themselves to the cause and stay to fight.

A considerable part of the story is dedicated to describing Leiningen's battle against the ants - in which he uses several clever techniques to delay the progress of the swarm.

Finally, despite his best efforts, Leiningen and his men find themselves surrounded by the invading ants.

It is at this point that Leiningen makes one last-ditch attempt to flood his entire plantation. Although this will kill all of the crops growing in his field, he is determined to defeat the ants.

During this last stand, Leiningen is attacked by the ants and nearly dies.

At the end of the story, he's depicted waking up after the ant attack. He had been able to drown the ants, but this came at the cost of his crops (and nearly his life!).

Here's a cool claymation of the entire short story for your entertainment:

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