What Is The Difference Between Monitoring And Evaluation?


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The difference between monitoring and evaluation is that the former is concerned with the gathering of information and the latter with interpreting it.

Monitoring and evaluation is a two-step process. They are two distinct actions but go hand in hand as tools for assessing the viability and success of a project. They are used by a myriad of organizations and public bodies as an integral part of providing a quality service or product.

Monitoring always comes first and provides the opportunity to demonstrate how resources are being used. Evaluation uses this information to determine whether objectives have been achieved. Evaluating a project or service can also show what works and whether changes need to be made. It also provides intelligence which can be used to support future funding applications.

Evaluation is essentially a means of measuring by gathering data. This is done by counting (hits, visits etc), questioning (surveys, focus groups) and research of existing data. Questionnaires are often used and these should be short, simple and straightforward to generate the most accurate results. The target participants can be random or specifically chosen as relevant.

Monitoring means keeping a close eye on how a project is performing, checking that what is happening is in line with what was expected or proposed. It is the continuous collection of information for analysis.

Once this has been done it can form the basis of evaluation along with the results from the other methods of gaining information for assessment.

Monitoring and evaluation together provide a sound system of determining whether funds and resources have been used well.

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Both monitoring and evaluation are used to determine the project satuation the difference is as below
1- monitoring is used for knowing on going status of the project/program while evaluation is used to know the impact of the program
2- monitoring is on going process and can be done continuously while evaluation can be done in the mid term and final
3- monitoring can be done by internal staff while evaluation can be ether internal or external
4- information which is collected from monitoring is useful for project/program implementation changes while information of evaluation can be used for next program or project
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The concept of Monitoring and evaluation are very different from each other however, since they go hand in hand they are usually taken together. Monitoring is basically getting aware of a system, people or an organization. It is observing a certain situation for any changes that occur over a period of time. On the other hand, evaluation refers to systematic determination of merit, worth and significance of a system, person or organization.
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Monitoring is routine follow up of important information related to the project or a program
Evaluation is assessing the projectes activity and its expected results using scientific methods and give explanation for observed activites and effects.
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Monitoring is on-going activity for a program/project in which you will know the deviations of the implementation, the information which is collected from monitoring is used for correction of the on-going/existed program/project.
Evaluation is a periodic activity in which you will know the impact of the project/program and these information which is collected in evaluations are used for up-coming/next program/project.

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