What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Overcrowding In School Setting?


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It can be argued that there are certainly more disadvantages than advantages to overcrowding in a school setting.

Advantages of overcrowding in a school setting include:
  • The school is able to address more students in one go
  • Using less classrooms can cut costs such as electric
  • There will always be enough students in attendance for a class to go ahead
  • There should always be healthy class discussions with a lot of varied opinions
Disadvantages of overcrowding in a school setting are:
  • The teacher may find it hard to control a large class
  • Some students' questions or concerns may be missed due to lack of time
  • Students may not get the one on one time they need to develop correctly
  • Noise could be a major factor in distracting students and their work
  • Students with differing abilities may be forced to attend the same class
In the majority of cases, and in an ideal world, schools and teachers would prefer smaller classes. Overcrowding can cause major issues in the development of a student due to them not receiving the attention they need and the help they may request. Teachers will find it almost impossible to get round to every student in an overcrowded class and so they will not be fully aware of how their students are coping with the work or school in general.

The only major advantage of overcrowding is to cut costs and time. Addressing a larger class means they don't have to repeat themselves as many times and less classrooms need to be used.

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