Who Invented Numbers?


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Numbers were first used by Paleolithic peoples around 30000 BC. The word Zero is derived from the Arabic translation of the Sanskrit śūnya, meaning void or empty, into ṣifr (صفر) meaning empty or vacant.

The first use of Negative numbers can be traced back to 100 BC - 50 BC. By the 4th century BC, late Olmec people of south-central Mexico used the number zero. According to Francis Maseres, an English mathematician, negative numbers do not exist. In 1759 he wrote that " negative numbers darken the very whole doctrines of the equations and make dark of the things which are in their nature excessively obvious and simple".

The different sets of nubers are Natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, real numbers, complex numbers, superreal, hyperreal and surreal numbers.
In 1799, complex numbers were described by Caspar Wessel. Negative numbers were used to represent debt in India during the 7 the century.
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But htey do not clearly tell us why they invented numbers and pretty much who invented it
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The numbers we use (1,2,3,4,5,6,etc), for the most part, were initially developed by arab scholars many centuries ago. As for the concept of numbers and counting, that has been around since we achieved sentience.
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I am no mathematician, but I try to do basic arithmetic.

It was January 20, 1987 that I picked up a proverbial sheet of blank paper and decided to consider the measures and numbers in the Bible.

So did God set the date and time for the Crucifixion before he created the world or after Adam sinned?

My investigation has caused the 'death' of seven scientific pocket calculators (mainly through squaring and cubing).

Anyway back to the number 10.

Now if I increase 10 to 1.00000000e+62 and divide by 24 and cube root 5 times x 100 and multiplied by 7 days it is 1,243.260659 days. And counting from 41 days after the Baptism of Jesus Christ, it 8 am November 11, AD26 when Jesus left the wilderness to 3:00:17 pm Friday, April 7 AD30 when Jesus died on the Cross.

So to the number 8, and 8,000 divided by 7 and squared x 10 and cube root thrice x 100 and multiplied by 7 days = 1,284.260127 days and counting from the baptism of Jesus Christ at 8 am October 1, AD26 it is 2:59:30 pm Friday, April 7, AD30, about the time the crucified Jesus shouted out to God just before he died.

I should say, that these time periods, plus others, also confirm this sequence of events time, the routes which lead to the Cross, the root of all evil.

John D.Miller
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The name of the person which first used whole numbers?
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The Number System was invented by the Paleolithic people and the number zero came from the translation of the Sanskrit '`sunya'.
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Numbers are invented in India and then taken by arabs
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Well it was like a group of people it was like back in 3000BC when numbers was invented.
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It's a common misconception that the numbers we use (0,1,2,3,4..) were invented by Arabs. Most history books teach that these numbers were first used in India and then borrowed by the Arab scholars. Still, if you dig deeper, you will find out that the decimal system has first surfaced in Hebrew teachings. Number 10 in Judaism has special significance and that's a part of the reason that we don't use, for example, an octal system today, or one based, say, on number 12 instead. Moreover, each letter in Hebrew language has an intrinstic value (you must have heard of gematria), which is very important to Torah scholars. Words having the same numerical value are deemed to have a deep rooted connection. Now, getting back to number 10: Some say that the base 10 was chosen because we have 10 fingers. Well, why do we have 10 fingers and not 8, 6, or 12?  If we came from apes, why don't we count based on 20? Or 21 (to account for the tail?

Well, the system was given to us by God, just as everything else that he has created or instilled in our brains. And that's the bottom line.

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