Should The European Encounter With The Indian People Of The Americas Be Understood Primarily As A Story Of Conquest And Exploitation, Or As One Of Mutual Cultural Encounter That Brought Beneficial As Well As Tragic Results For Both?


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It really depends bro. If you talk about North America...It was a complete slaughter. The Native Americans have managed to maintain their culture, traditions, and spiritual beliefs. It really has not mingled with the Whites though. Regarding Latin America, it evidently started as a slaughter (And in many ways still does politically) but through time through breeding and cultural exchange, societies evolved in a more mingled manner creating a whole new whole. It has been tragic because many people have been oppressed and many people still struggle for equal opportunity. It has been beneficial because Each individual country evolved into a different union in regards to tradition, diction, beliefs, foods, attitudes, etc. It is not all roses and honey but it is what it is and people feel attached to their own identities and proud of their nations.

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