What Was The Name Of Allama Iqbal's Wife?


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Karim bibi.1893     sardar begum1910   mukhtar begum.1913
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Father's Name: Sheikh Noor Muhammad
Mother's Name: Immam Bibi
Brother's Name: Sheikh Atta Muhammad
Wife Names: (I) Kraim Bi (Wedding: 1893)(ii) Sardar Begum (Nikha. 1910)
(iii) Mukhtar Begum (Wedding: 1913
Birth Sialkot 9 Nov 1877
Middle Sialkot 1891
Matriculation Sialkot 1893
Intermediate Sialkot Scotch Mission College 1895
B.A Lahore, Government College 1897
M.A Lahore, Government College 1899
Stayed Lahore, Bhati Gate 1900 - 1905
Went For Higher Education England 1905
Bar At Law London 1908
PhD Munich University, Germany  1908
Return to Country  Lahore 1908
Start practicing at the Bar Lahore October 1908
Professor of Philosophy Lahore, Government College 1911
Stayed Anar Kali, Lahore October 1908 - 1922
Stayed Macload Road, Lahore 1922-1935
Received Knighthood  Lahore January 1923
Elected for Punjab Legislative Council Lahore December 1926
Member of Punjab Legislative Council Lahore 1926-1929
Sermon on Islamiat Madras 1928
Visits to Hyderabad Dakan Hyderabad Dakan January 1929
Historical Address at Al-India Muslim League Convention Allahbad 29 December 1930
Participation in Second Round Table Conference London 7 Sep - 1 Dec 1931
Participation in Third Round Table Conference London 17 Nov - 24 Dec 1932
Visits Rome and Spain  Rome, Spain 1933
Visits Afghanistan Afghanistan, Kabul October 1933
Visits Bhopal for Medical Treatment Bhopal 1935 - 1937
Stayed Jawed Manzil, Lahore  1935 - 1938
Death Lahore 21 April 1938
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Karim bibi was the sister  of iqbal and Atiya Faizi was only the lover of iqbal.
The name of first wife is unknown
the name of 2nd wife is Sardar Begum.
3rd wife is Mukhtar Begum.
And 4th wife is again Sardar Begum.
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Allama`s wife name Karim BiBi.
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1st wife is Karim Bi (1983).    2nd Sardar Begum (1910).    3rd Mukhtar Begum (1913).
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First wife was karim bibi who had two son and a daughter . The first son name is Aftab and second was died at the time of birth and daughter name is Miraj. In 1907, while iqbal was getting educaton of he met a student of Atiya Faizi and had close relationship but didn't marry and married sardara bibi and had a child javed iqbal ok are you all satisfy?

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