If You Drive A SUV Or RV, You Need To Be Worried About Vertical Clearance When Driving?


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If you drive an SUV or RV, you need to be worried about vertical clearance when driving - but only in certain rare situations. In most cases, an SUV will be well under the vertical clearance limits that might impact driver safety and damage the vehicle. Generally, only commercial trucks, such as semis and other transport or specialty vehicles, will be near or over the maximum clearance height. Still, it's always a good idea to know exactly what the height of your SUV is, so you can pay attention to vertical clearance signs and make sure you are under the maximum.

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Underground parking lots are one other place where you may need to be careful regarding vertical clearances while driving. Your instruction manual for your SUV should include information about how high your vehicle is - if you can't find this information, email your car manufacturer via their official website and ask for the data you need. If you purchased your car at a dealership, the salesperson who sold it to you can probably help you to get this information as well.

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SUVs are huge and comfortable, and they offer an exceedingly pleasant way to get around - however, these big behemoths can be tough to park, and they can guzzle a fair bit of gasoline. In fact, environmental activists aren't too crazy about the whole SUV trend - they see huge Escalades and other SUVs on the road, and wonder why anyone would choose such an expensive, gas-guzzling automobile. To activists, SUVs are wasteful, egotistical choices that are just not cool at all.

SUV manufacturers listened to the complaints about SUVs, and they've tried to make certain models more eco-friendly, and they've also tried to reduce the amount of fuel each SUV consumers. However, these heavy, big vehicles will always need a bit more juice than your typical sport compact car.
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