Are Children With A Deceased Parent Eligible For Any Kind Of College Scholarship Or Assistance?


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Children with a deceased parent are eligible for financial assistance with college fees, including scholarships, but these will depend on their specific circumstances and the type of assistance required.

There are many different types of organization offering financial support for students in all sorts of circumstances including bereaved and orphaned children.  For example, educational or bereavement charities may be able to help, sometimes the college themselves offer specific scholarships or bursaries and some private establishments such as grant-making trusts can provide funding.

Turn2Us is a charity which helps identify sources of financial support from all kinds of trusts and charities.  They provide a comprehensive database of grants which can be searched based on the applicant’s circumstances available on their website.

Children may be eligible for financial assistance depending on the circumstances of the parent’s death.  For example, if a parent was killed acting for the police or armed forces then financial support may be provided by that organization or by relevant charities such as the Royal British Legion, The Royal Navy & Royal Marines Children’s Fund, ABF The Soldiers’ Charity, etc.

Children may also qualify for funding if the deceased parent was a member of a profession, group or society which provides for bereaved dependents.  Similarly, children who do not have parental support because they are refugees or asylum seekers may be able to get financial assistance from charities and organizations who work for refugees.

When looking for grants, remember that financial support does not need to be restricted to scholarships or payment of some or all the course fees.  Grants are also available to help with living expenses whilst studying as well as money towards learning resources such as computers and books, conferences or student exchanges.

Scholarships and grants are generally limited and the providers usually have very specific requirements for eligibility.  Also, applications can be complex and require a lot of time as well as references and proof of circumstances, so do check that the child meets all of the criteria before embarking on a detailed application by reading the small print carefully or contacting the funder to check first.
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If a parent is deceased and that parent had worked and paid into social security, the child is eligible. My girlfriends husband committed suicide when the daughter was an infant. The daughter is 21 now and she is still collecting and going to college.
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My daughter is a high school senior and seeking scholarship assistance for next year. She would like to attend Liberty University in Virginia. Her father died when she was 9 years old. Her social security will end when she turns 18. We will not be able to afford the tuition at Liberty without scholarship help.Thank you for any assistance you offer.
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I am sorry for your loss and I am looking for the same exact thing.... Here is a list of about 20 different scholarships. Just follow the link
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I am currently 22 and my father passed away 10-12-05. He had an massive heart attack at his job. I also have a brother who is 23 so since we were 18 and 19 we were left with nothing. My best approach is to apply to as many scholarships & fill out the fasfa forms. My mother did not work and lives off of social security to support her and my 10 year old sister. Sorry about your loss. I know it sucks but theres nothing you or I can do to bring our loved ones back.
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I have a daughter who would like to go to college.  She has completed a tech college for Surgical Tech and would like to go to nursing school.  She is not able to get financial aid to attend the classes she needs to finish her Assoicates degree to go on to Nursing School.  Her father died when she was 3.  He was a member of 1456 in New York, He was a commercial diver.  I have remarried and have 4 other children and can't afford to help her out.  Is there any scholarships around for her?

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Your child should also be receiving social security benefits...if not...she should have a large check awaiting her because she could/should have been collecting approx. $450-$500 each month from the date of her father's death in 2000.
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I have 2 daughters, their father passed away on 12-25-04, yes christmas day, and due to the fact that he worked under the table, did not pay into social security, they are not eligeable to get s.s. However i am disabled, multiple sclerosis, and i did pay into s.s., they receive benefits under me. 250.00 a month each. They do not receive s.s for their father being deceased.
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You need to file for a grant for education for this child and the social security benefits from the parent that is deceased and yes the child can receive as long as he/she is in school college included....the best to you
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My daugther lost her mother in 2009 she has no ssi paid in therfore she is unable to draw ssi off her mom ,tryng to fin some kind of financial help if anyone knows bout this type of things it would help my daughter and I
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I lost my mother on my fourth birthday and am looking for scholarships as well. A google search gives plenty of options. Good luck and God bless. :)
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Has she spoken to her high school counselor? There are many scholarships given by those in need. Be prepared to write a lot of essays. You should qualify for some government assistance right now, I would think. There are forms at the colleges that she can apply for grants; money that doesn't have to be paid back. There are deadlines for these applications so I wouldn't wait to apply.
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Hi my name is San my father passed in Dec. 2002. Since then, I have completed my Bachelor of Science degree and am presently working towards my Masters. The problem is is that I have ran out of finical ad and I only have one parent with 4 other siblings. Are there grants out there that would help me complete my masters without taking out a student loan.
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My sons father died in 2006 and I thinh he was getting ssI &social security my son has received nothing and he is still in school and it has been hard for him and me as well.Is he entitled to at least somthing from his father his family left my child nothing. Please help us with an answer. Thank you
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I am not sure, but it would seem likely. I think you have to apply for some type of government aid.
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Hi my husband died two years ago unexpected  when my son was sixteen, his currently going to jr college and has a3.3 gpa. He wants to attend new york film school, but everything has changed now, what do I do
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But what if a parent dies when the child is 14 and didnt know about any of this social security thing untill now at age 23,with kidney failure, do I still apply

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