How To Describe A Beautiful Garden To A Blind Person?


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Describing a beautiful garden (or indeed any object) to a blind person can be enhanced by your use of language and voice. Using very descriptive language, speaking animatedly and expressing yourself clearly should make a huge difference.

How you would describe a beautiful garden to someone who is blind?
  • Describe the flowers in the garden in detail using imaginative language and plenty of descriptive words.
  • Mention the trees and other major features and let the unsighted person know where they are located by telling them, for example, that a lovely oak tree is situated about five metres away from them on their right-hand side.
  • Go into plenty of detail and even walk the person around the garden whilst you describe the features of it to them. Walking them around will help them to build a mental map of the garden.
The trick is to go into plenty of detail, ask them if they understand what you're saying, and walk them around the garden. All this will help the blind person to establish what you are describing to them.
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There are a variety of garden flowers and trees, as well as fountains.

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