Three Advantages And Three Disadvantages Of The Collaborative Writing Process?


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  • Tasks are distributed among the group, thus less burden on an individual author
  • More people mean more ideas, more work done and thus the goals are achieved more efficiently
  • A collaborative writing group in which each individual performs his/her duties honestly leads to an increase in experience of team-work, load-sharing, verbal, written and email communication skills, etc
  • The most threatening problem of an inadequately managed Collaborative Writing Group is that of "Too many Cooks, Spoil the broth"
  • Collaborative Writing requires contributions of skills from each and every member of the group. Whether the collaborative method used is a shared one (one in which various group members can have access and control on the document simultaneously), or a method that involves for each individual to work on a separate part of the document and control only one's own part; a single member's incapability to contribute in time can adversely affect the entire group/team
  • IT/computer-based collaborative groups depend on communicating mainly via telephone/email/Internet. A hack into the system is always a risk, which can jeopardize the whole project
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helps in the creation of synergy
helps other writes figure out what synergy is
give you some others to blame when synergy doesnt happen.

It creates synergy
No one will agree on what synergy is
Others blame you when synergy doesnt happen

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