How To Register For The MCAT Test Ie The Medical College Application Test In Pakistan?


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The following website has lot of details about the MCAT. This includes admission guidelines, timetable, subjects, sample papers, etc,.
Keep checking this website for more details on the schedule.
The website is :
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that is really an informative link but could you also guide me as to how to specifically 'register' for the test?
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I would not trust ilmkidunya as an academic site for reliable academic information ~it plagiarised an article of mine on writing articles by publishing it in its education section as an article by another and when alerted ignored it and knowlingly continues its plagiarism -to me this does not say much about the academic reputation of ilmkidunya (one can't even tell if its academic articles are of its academic writers or plagiarised).
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Admissions in MBBS/BDS
- Complete info of Pakistani Medical and Dental Colleges, including but not limited to admissions/interview dates, entry tests, contact details of all medical/dental colleges, number of seats available and eligibility requirements etc.
- Keep yourself updated through email, Register Free for free information other than stated above.
- Frequently asked question regarding admissions in MBBS/BDS and allied health sciences subjects in Pakistan.
- One window information availability, just a click away visit:

“Study in Pakistan”:
• Study in Pakistan” (SIP) is working since 2003 for the development and up gradation of education sector in Pakistan.
• Main focus of SIP is the influx of overseas Pakistani and dual    nationality students to approach Pakistani institutions especially in the field of Health Sciences.
• Our sincere efforts are to provide complete details of Pakistani Medical and Dental colleges and access of information to overseas Pakistanis and to ensure quality education for Pakistani's living abroad and their families in Pakistan.
• Hundreds of successful students are studying through our official representative services.

• SIP provides information of Pakistani Medical and Dental colleges and their admission schedules
•  SIP extends career counseling services to students seeking admissions in any faculty of its partner institutions in Pakistan
• SIP is a project initiated for the overseas Pakistani community
• SIP provides On Spot Confirm Admissions to overseas Pakistani students in its partner institutions on reserved seats only. (for on spot confirm admissions, students need to fulfill the eligibility criteria of PMDC and relevant medical/dental college)

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PMDC' target='_blank' class='qa'>
Recognized Institution/ Reserved Seats
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PMDC Recognized Medical/Dental Colleges  Admissions  Announcements /Entry Test Dates/Application Form Availability:
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Frequently Asked Questions About  MBBS/BDS in Pakistan:
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