How Can The Power Of Language Be Used To Manipulate?


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Several ways. The tone, the volume and the words themselves.
The tone is simple enough - If you've ever had a cat or dog and you talk in a higher pitch it usually indicates happiness. Deeper tone often is used for hostile means. Either to provoke a response or to express your anger.
This most likely would coincide with the volume too.
When talking to people you have to incorporate a third element into the mix. A commonly used language comprised from an alphabet which make up words and sentences.
Something we don't need to use with our pets, but most of us do anyway :)

From there it's on to psychology and I'm no professor I warn you lol
Most people will change the words they use depending on; Where they are and who they are with.
A lot of this comes from how they were raised of course and the opportunities for education.
If you are in a sea of people with one common thought and fervor you will most likely mimic it to a degree. Both in mannerisms and language.
Just the same, the one who is electrifying the crowd is using his inflection and choice of words to convey a message but with a clearly defined meaning underneath it all.

Well unless it is too late I may as well stop. I cannot think of more to say without coming off as a broken record. All the best!

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