What Do Cats Say In Other Languages?


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In English, of course, they say Meow. But human speakers of other languages hear animals differently. Cats say, for instance:

Spanish: miau ("mee-ah-ooh")
Estonian: Nau
Japanese: Nyaa
Ukranian: Myau.

You won't be surprised, now, to learn that dogs also speak differently in other languages. And it varies a lot more than what cats have to say. Dogs say, in :

Albanian: ham ham
Greek: gav
Icelandic: voff
Indonesian: gonggong
Italian: bau bau
Spanish: guau, guau! (rhymes with bow wow!)

Horses are no less multicultural:

Hindi: Hin-Hin-Hin
Russia: Eeegogo
Sweden: Nnnnaaaggg
Turkish: eeh-eeh-eehaaa

Some other examples. Danish people reckon bees go "summ summ". Vietnamese sheep say "be-hehehe". Mice in Albania say "kip kip", but in Italy is "sqeet-sqeet".

Actually, it's surprising how many languages do hear the same sound from animals. For instance, cockerels, sheep and ducks sound pretty much the same no matter which language you speak.

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