What Part Of Speech Is "Anyway" In The Sentence, I'm Going To Eat It Anyway?


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Well dear!
"Anyway" in English Grammar is an adverb meaning "in any case or nonetheless". I hope you have understood and to further know about this please click on the link:
Anyway in English grammar
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Thank you, Jannifer. Since I just ran across BlurtIt last night, I wanted to see if the site was legit, and so I posted a simple question. The answer woul let me know if I wanted to continue to post and answer questions. I never expected the answer to my question to come from so far away, from someone so lovely, and from someone outside of the English teacher's community. Your answer was succint and yet complete, and I thank you so very much. Will you forgive me for my little test? My wife and I travel a lot, but I have never been to Sweden. If we make it there, we would love to take you and your husband/boyfriend to dinner. Best of look in your designer endeavors. Steve Corry
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Oh thank you Steve, I love your comments. Blurtit is a site which can really give you answers to your questions with complete satisfaction from your side. Have fun and keep in touch on Blurtit.
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I noticed that your "What Part Of Speech Is "Anyway" In The Sentence, I'm Going To Eat It Anyway?" page (http://education.blurtit.com/238681/what-part-of-speech-is-anyway-in-the-sentence-im-going-to-eat-it-anyway) is currently linking to https://owl.english.purdue.edu/handouts/grammar/g_spelhomo.html, a helpful writing guide from Purdue’s Online Writing Lab. Unfortunately, the guide is no longer available and the link is broken. I love the guide as well, and have found an archive of it at https://proofexchange.com/spelling-purdue-owl that you could share instead.

I hope you find this helpful. And either way thank you for continuing to produce great resources.


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