What Should You Make Your Average Sentence Length?


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If you are curious about the varying sentence lengths that can be used in your writing, you firstly need to consider the purpose of your sentence. Length is often used to convey the purpose or point of a sentence, showing its importance or lack thereof. Here are some instances where different sentence structure may be used and the right way to structure your sentences:

  • Exclamations

If you are saying something to make a point, or writing something in the tone of someone that is annoyed, you may wish to stick to shorter sentences with little more than a few words. If you punctuate this with an exclamation, you will successfully convey the annoyance and anger behind the point. Alternatively, this method is also used, without the exclamation mark, to show a point of great importance. By setting the point aside in its own little short sentence, it gains an extra level or importance and is seen as more poignant in its reading.

  • Description

When you are describing something, you may tend to write longer sentences that are rich with adjectives. When writing such sentences, make sure that you don't go overboard; as this will confuse the reader and make your writing style appear dull and excessive. The key to avoiding this is to read out the sentence after you have written it. If it flows nicely and you don't have to struggle for breath or become horribly bored, the sentence is acceptable. If you find that you are tumbling over your words, you may want to punctuate the sentence a tad more or consider revising it.

  • General sentences

Most sentences are no longer than a line or two on a computer, to avoid the reader getting confused. They generally contain two to three clauses, with a subordinate and main clause making up the information. A subordinate clause relies on a main cause to make sense, as it cannot stand alone.

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