Who Was The First Person To Build School?


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Do note that the Indians had a fully operational educational system in the
eighth century BCE! The schools were called Gurukuls and they had a dean/Guru
who would teach the principles of life and everything else to kids of all ages.
Till date, Gurukuls are still seen in some parts of India!

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Hi, guys! I wonder how people could do that so. Many centuries ago. They build schools, houses, and even pyramids. I decided to make a little model of some buildings. Is there anyone who is into modeling? I tried to read more info here and find the best band saw to cut the material but they all seem good. I have no idea which one is the best.

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G'day Benten,

Thank you for your question.

The first formal education systems were established when writing became common, About 3000 BC, the Sumerians and Egyptians established schools. The Hebrews started developing religious schools between 1800 and 1000 BC. The Chinese philosopher Confucius set up the first public school circa 500BC and Confucian schools still operate today.


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