Can I Have A Sentence For Mutualism?


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Mutualism is a theory of economics that focuses on trade by the individual, which essentially quantifies commerce by the exact equivalent of labour input. 

However, The term 'mutualism' can be used in referring to three distinct concepts. These are as followed

  • Biology

The term, in biology, refers to a relationships between two living organisms, that survive based on a mutually beneficial exchange. Examples of this can be often found in the human body, where one organism serves a particular function that benefits another organism or a forthcoming process, as with the process of digestion.

  • Economy

In economics, this is an anarchist concept that believes that all individuals can independently form a means of production. In the scheme of trade, it is necessary for goods to be emblematic of the exact level or quality of labor that constitutes them.

  • Politics

This is a social movement that champions mutual organisations. In modern times, this movement is more commonly associated with trade and financial firms. 

I hope this answers your question.

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