I Want First Year Previous Ten Year Question Paper Plz Help Me, I M Student Of Crrospondence?


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To obtain previous papers for correspondence or other related subjects then I would firstly ask previous people who went to your school or did your course for some papers.

This would be the best avenue to start off as because they will have access to a wealth of knowledge about previous exams and tests having already completed them. Secondly, you will not have to pay anything for them as some sites charge you for previous papers.

Do a search online and see if you can find any papers relating to this subject. The internet is a great tool for finding out a tremendous amount of information.

There a number of ways in which you can also gain access to papers. Online companies who have experienced people that have done the previous exams or post graduates have a wide range of sources that could enable you to find out more information on past papers and questions. You could even ask your tutors or mentors for past papers to enable you to get a grip of the subject matter. The more practice you do at taking the exams, the better equipped you will be when facing your next exam.

It is really all about confidence building and the way in which you handle pressure when it comes to exams. This is the same kind of pressure say a football team faces when playing in the Superbowl or when teams like Manchester United play in major European finals. It is that ability to handle the so called big game pressure at crucial times when it matters and not to fall short when all eyes are on you.

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