How Should I Start My Story?


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Lizzy Bellen answered
I personally, ADORE romances that start out in either indifference or utter HATE between the two soon to be lovers. One thing that always makes me a bit sad is when the romance starts right in the first chapter.

I love seeing a romance bloom and grow into something really great. Maybe something like he was a bit of a bully and she was the smart girl in class who wasn't going to take any of his crap, no matter what he does. Or, of course, you could have her as the somewhat stuck-up rich girl (Who has, deeeeeeep inside, a good heart.) and him the geek-ish guy (Who is quite the passionate lover, not just in the bedroom.).

You could either open on a sad or happy note. A bright lovely spring day with happiness all around or a dark rainy day in a cemetery. Or a middle ground of it opening happy, then the two love-birds meet and they hate each other and ruin their entire day.

As for names, well, I love Abigail, Elizabeth, Irene, Polly-anne, Vixen, Emma, Jenny. Last names really depend of what racial background she is (Example: If her parents are French, a French last name would make sense.).

For the guy, maybe James, Rodrick, Lawrence, Bert, Brandon, Zane, or Paul. Again, last names depend of family.

Best of luck and I hope to read you're book one day :D
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You should begin like this : - A regular teenager named "Sara Hilsa" (Or whatever you want to give) was going to her school and due to (Some situation) she was going to fall in front of (Fast coming) bus and suddenly a boy named "Zen Cheif" (Whatever you want to give) hold her hand and pulled towards him and in the mean time zen's leg slipped and they fell.  (Then dialouge writing)...
I hope it will give you some idea...well I m 14 years girl named sukanya...well I don't like romantic novel but I love to write story...
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It was a dark and stormy night; then Charlie Brown fell out of a tree.
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I don't know y but I have always liked the name logan for a guy in romance novels...maybe something that starts with a k 4 the girl...I like names with ks lol...hope I helped...good luck on your book

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