How To Start Preparing For PhD? How To Select A Topic ? And Which Is The Best Way To Do PhD Full Time Or Part Time?


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It is a great idea that you are planning to do PhD. Our world definitely needs scholars like you. However, you would first have to analyze your capabilities and aptitude for it. First of all do you think you are devoted enough that you can spend the rest of your life doing researches and writing papers and teaching students. If you are, then you are the most suitable candidate for PhD. The Minimum time period for completion of PhD is 5-6 years. It can take longer depending on your research. You would first need to do M.Phil which would take 2 years. Then you would have to enroll in PhD. It constitutes of part classes and part research. You would need to have a Master's degree to qualify. Apart from this, most good universities require at least 4 years teaching or research experience, or executive experience in an organization.
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Plz  guide me how to think about topic of research in economics. Really I am confused .I want to do the research on economics and marketing area.

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