What Does The Word "Forgiven" Look Like In Hebrew Letters?


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When written in Hebrew letters, the word “forgiven” looks like this: וְנִסְלַ֥ח

The words to forgive or pardon looks like this: סָלַח. This is a verb and is pronounced “salach”. The phonetic spelling of the word is Saw-lakh.

There are various forms this verb can take and each one allows for variations in the way the word is written. Forgive, or סָלַח is the primitive root of the word forgiven and so it forms the basis for all of the variations of this word.

There are various examples for the use of this word in Hebrew texts – in fact, the word occurs about 47 times within the bible alone, allowing for a through study of its meaning, as well as its applications within the Hebrew language.

For more information on this word and the various forms this verb can take, visit Biblehub.

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