Where Can I Find A List Of Educational Journals Or Magazines Online?


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Evelyn Vaz answered
Some of the most famous websites that can provide you with education journals or magazines are; for Education week, for Scholastic publications, fro journals of applied behavior, fro the Experimental analysis of behavior. for education policy analysis.

Some of the other sources include www.acm.orgpubs/journals.html,, to name a few. You could also type in the desired name of the journal or magazine you looking for in the most common search engines. Some of the most common search engines are Google, yahoo, msn, ask jeeves, etc. These engine will definitely direct you to a relevant site that could provide you with all the information.
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There is one focused online 20 minutes video that gets to the core of what education is (developing literacy and numeracy usually at the cost of stunted creativity - this is suited to optimising our approach to slowly changing environments), and what it should be (developing creative strengths in line with our inner nature - now very necessary to thrive in faster changing environments}. It's Sir Ken Robinson's Speech on www,

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