Where Can I Get Practice State Board Exam For Phlebotomy?


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Here is a link which leads to a great online Phlebotomy test This website also provides some background knowledge regarding the test, a fun crossword at the end and some vital information for when you take the test.                One of the best ways to get practise exam papers is to ask your tutor for past papers from previous years. The questions will be worded differently but the general content will not vary too much so practising with past papers is a great way to prepare you for the exam and highlight which areas you particularly need to work on. Most tutors will even mark the practise papers you have completed so you will have a rough idea of what grade you will receive. If you are doing past papers, make sure you check if there is any new content that has been recently added to the course and be aware that this will not be included in the past papers and ensure you have a full understanding of it. As Phlebotomy is a medical profession and new discoveries and advances are constantly being made so it is likely that new content may be added to the course or there may be subtle changes to the procedure.         There are Phlebotomy practise questions that can be found online but you will not receive any feedback on your answers unless they are multiple choice questions where you choose the correct answer. These questions can be found on by with the following link They can also be found at, and is also a great website for soon-to-be phlebotomists where you can find a lot of helpful information, links and live presentations from lectures and workshops.
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I have been looking for   a free phlebotomy exam test
every where . But I am getting the run around.
All I want is to practice for the ascp test for free and everyboby want money when it said free I thought free was free.
Where can I go to get a free question & answer to help me on the exam. Thank

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