How Is Gunge Made?


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Gunge is a runny, slimy substance which resembles paint. It is a thick fluid-like mixture consisting of borax, polyvinyl acetate (PVA) glue or white wood glue and water. Borax and PVA glue are available in hardware stores, and many convenience stores nowadays have a separate hardware section that stocks these ingredients. Sometimes food coloring is added to this mixture. Since it is a common practice to drop people into a tub of gunge or pour gunge on them to publicly embarrass them (especially on television game shows), gunge needs to be made safer to ensure that the person who is slimed (that is, on whom the gunge is poured or the person who is dunked into a container containing gunge) does not suffer from allergic reaction due to the effect of gunging. Some natural products such as oatmeal, cake batter, natrasol, brownie batter and Guar gum, besides food coloring are used to neutralize the ill-effects of gunging. Gunge is harmless, but the improper disposal of large amounts of gunge could choke pipes and drains. People could also be sensitive to borax or PVA. Oobleck is a type of gunge made up of corn flour, water and food colouring.

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